We just unleashed a bunch of patches in the Moon Rock shop. If you're a fan of the Simpsons and punk rock, then check out the Bart/Misfits and Flanders/Danzig mashups we have.

We've also stocked the store with Mummula, Moon Rock Collective, and various other patches. Check it out in the shop!

Zine Machine

There are a couple of zines getting beamed down to the Moon Rock shop shortly:

An illustrated collection of nautical puns derived from Ramones songs. This is perfect for any cretins who can't stop moppin'.

Pick one up in the shop and get a free 2-color Joey Ramone screenprint. But act fast, because they won't last!


Catch Phrase
This one is going to have multiple artists contributing their artistic representations of classic TV show catch phrases. Some of my favorite artists and friends are contributing to this, and it's shaping up to be great. Submissions are still coming in, and I'm hoping to have this one done by the end of the month.

Tender Loving sCare

After a long weekend of trimming and packaging, I've got all of the monster Valentine packs ready to go. You can pick 'em up from the shop. They're 2-color screenprints, in an edition of 50, and sure to give your special someone the heeby-jeebies!

Now that those are done, I've got a few zines in the works, so keep your peepers peeled for those.

Beginning Transmission...

I've been creating for most of my life, and finding collaborators for almost as long. Over the years, I've made so many friends through art, and I've found those friendships to be among my strongest bonds.

Moon Rock Collective stands as a means of maintaining those bonds, and giving a place to create and share. We're drawn together by a mutual love of all things spooky, brainy, and subversive. I'm excited to see what art and friendships come out of this, and I thank you for joining in the journey.